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Design And Build Phuket


We pride ourselves on being a leading innovator on Phuket when it comes to architectural design, planning, and construction management.


Design and Build Phuket was initially created to afford our villa owners the opportunity to craft their own interiors to suit their lifestyles and reflect their personalities.

Since those early days, we have grown and we now collaborate with a wide cross section of clients in the residential and commercial sectors.

The principals of Design and Build Phuket have been active in Phuket property development for more than 25 years and can offer over 60 years of combined experience in international project management. They are supported by their own resident team of certified architects, engineers, and artisans.

If you are considering any project, from new construction, to a major renovation, Design and Build Phuket can professionally coordinate your entire project from start to finish.

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Conceptual Design / Plans / Construction


DABP_img03We provide a full range of services.

From the initial conceptual design, we professionally manage and facilitate the planning, approval, and construction . . . up to the final inspection upon completion.

Interior Design / Interior Finishing


DABP_img02When it comes to interior finishing, we subscribe to the theory that ‘less is more’ . . . which for us, translates to large contemporary rooms, high ceilings, and very little ‘clutter’.

We feel that the character of the room should be dictated by the furnishings . . . so basically, we provide the canvas and let you be the artist.

Our resident interior finishing team will ensure that everything is designed and built according to your exact standards.

Furniture / Interior Decoration


DABP_img01Now comes the fun part . . . decorations and furnishing . . . or in other words, we get to do some serious shopping.

With the furniture, we have a few options. We can design custom furniture, with production in our resident factory. Or, should your tastes be a little more eclectic, we maintain purchasing options with exclusive furniture export factories in Thailand at very competitive prices.

To complete the process, our interior designers can assist in the selection of any art work, indigenous artifacts, or decorative pieces.